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Media Literacy

We consider media literacy to be the 21st-century extension of the Practical Life curriculum that is the cornerstone of an EACMSI education.

To prepare children for their world requires an education that gives them the tools to decode and encode messages of all kinds.

In addition to being critical thinkers capable of reading the world around them, and creative and collaborative problem solvers, we want our graduates to articulate their truth in whatever medium is most effective for their message. Articulating a message effectively, after all, is the only way to impact the world.


Students learn to deconstruct media messages and analyze content. They also gain competence in a variety of applications including word processing and digital presentations.

“Without the ability to think critically, evaluate and synthesize the information they access, solve problems both independently and collaboratively, and communicate their understanding effectively to others, students will quickly be overwhelmed. And without reflection, students have the power of new media technologies in their hands without the ethical grounding to use them well and wisely.” (Scheibe and Rogow, 2012. The Teacher’s Guide to Media Literacy. Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press)