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Big Buddies & Leadership

At EACMSI, leadership opportunities abound, thanks to our multi-age classrooms. As architects of community, we prioritize providing all students, from the youngest to the oldest, with ample chances to engage meaningfully with each other. This intentional approach not only enriches the learning experience but also cultivates a sense of shared responsibility and collaboration within our school community.

Older students at EACMSI are entrusted with the role of being role models and guides for their younger peers. Each Level is encouraged to look out for students in the Level below them, fostering a sense of mentorship and community. Our Middle School students play a significant leadership role within the entire school community, taking charge of various aspects of our all-school assemblies. This approach promotes a supportive and collaborative learning environment where students of all ages contribute to the positive culture of our school.

To foster meaningful connections and mutual care between students of different ages, we implement a unique Buddy system at EACMSI. Each year, children are paired into younger and older “Buddy” pairs, encouraging deep interactions and shared learning experiences. Throughout the year, these buddy pairs come together at regularly scheduled gatherings, providing opportunities for genuine connections, mentorship, and a sense of intimacy among students across various age groups. This approach aims to create a supportive community where students not only learn from each other but also develop a strong sense of camaraderie and care within our school environment.