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In addition to our robust core curriculum, ancillary programming adds further depth to the overall school experience.

After School Care

Our After School program provides a balance of structured and unstructured activities that center cooperative and collaborative play in a relaxed, safe and nurturing setting.


The Wellness curriculum introduces our Extended Day and Junior Level students to the values reflected in our school’s broader mission of promoting independence and respecting self, others and the environment.

School Trips

As children grow, the offerings available in the classroom are no longer enough to satisfy their needs. “Going out” intensifies instruction as children witness and experience first-hand what is out in their community.

Media Literacy

We consider media literacy to be the 21st century extension of the Practical Life curriculum that is the cornerstone of an EACMSI education. To prepare children for their world requires an education that gives them the tools to decode and encode messages of all kinds.

Big Buddies & Leadership

Leadership experiences are plentiful at EACMSI, in large part because of our multi-age classrooms and because as builders and shapers of community we want all of our students, from youngest to oldest, to have the opportunity to engage with each other in meaningful ways. 

EACMSI School Break Programs

During school breaks, EACMSI runs day programs for enrolled students in our Primary, Extended Day, and Junior Levels.

Learn by Doing

There is nothing passive going on at EACMSI! Whether digging for fossils, planting seeds, conducting experiments, or creating presentations, EACMSI students are active participants in the construction of knowledge.

Peace Curriculum

We teach children to advocate for themselves and others, to speak the truth from their hearts and to value the perspectives of others. We center community and relationships above all else and nurture both with care and vigilance.