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Primary & Extended Day

From birth to age 6 there are two principal objectives of the human being: to bring order to the vast amount of information that comes to us via our senses and to absorb the distinctive elements of our culture.

Our Primary program supports each child in meeting these objectives.

The Binomial Cubes is a fundamental work in all Montessori classrooms.

EACMSI pedagogy is child-centered, hands on, individualized and serves the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

Our Primary program supports each child in bringing order to the vast amount of information that comes to us via our senses and to absorbing the distinctive elements of our culture.

Independent Learners. For Life.

AT EACMSI our curriculum begins with the child at 3 years old and continues seamlessly until graduation at 14-15 years of age.

Practical Life

Comprised of fine and gross motor experiences, these exercises support children in gaining mastery of everyday life and social skills. Children’s independence and confidence grow as they develop competence in these tasks.


Young children naturally learn through their senses. These materials isolate concepts such as color, size, form, weight, and volume, eventually supporting the child to internalize the abstract concept each represents.


With hands-on materials, students make discoveries as they move from the concrete to the abstract through manipulation, experimentation, and invention. Concepts introduced: counting, visual recognition of quantity and symbol, the decimal system and the concept of 10, visual recognition of 1 to 1000, concrete manipulation of counting materials from 1 – 1000, and an introduction to the four operations using concrete, manipulative materials.


The cultural curriculum includes the study and exploration of the areas of history, geography, physical sciences, botany, and zoology. These studies are introduced through age-appropriate materials and activities designed to spark interest in the world and its diverse people, animals, and plants.


Children begin to identify different societal and cultural groups to which they belong and articulate ways they are similar to and different from their classmates. Students begin to explore family culture, community culture, and cultures from around the world.

Extended Day / Transition Class

This program is for students in their third and culminating year of the Primary Program. The students develop independence, curiosity, and a love of learning in the first two years. The Extended Day students are the social and academic leaders who work to solidify their skills and grow their self-confidence. They begin working with Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical Education specialty teachers and develop the work habits that prepare them for the upcoming years in the Junior Level.

Primary level at a Glance…

For students ages 3–6.

We have 2 beautiful, light filled and enticing Primary level classrooms  in our main building.

A half-day Primary level program (day ending at noon) is available for young students.