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Wellness Curriculum

The Wellness curriculum introduces our Extended Day and Junior Level students to the values reflected in our school’s broader mission of promoting independence and respecting self, others, and the environment.

Our Primary program lessons include identifying emotions, how our actions may cause others to feel, and how to use one’s words to negotiate conflicts and interactions. School life brings opportunities to practice these skills as our youngest children learn to live in the community, form friendships, and work through personal and interpersonal challenges.

The Extended Day year builds on these lessons, as the children gain increased awareness of social dynamics among their peer group. They are also introduced to the concept of safety rules that span physical safety (crossing streets, riding bicycles, sun exposure, poolside behavior) to personal safety (what to do if you get separated from your caregiver, personal space boundaries, how to negotiate interactions with people you don’t know, and what to do if personal boundaries are breached).

Junior Level continues this work with lessons in empathy and verbal/nonverbal communication skills. Students begin to gain a sense of themselves, as they learn about friendship, kindness, the sometimes subtleties of bullying, and the realization that open communication in a respectful environment contributes deeply to the wellbeing of a community, and the world.

As Junior Level Lions, the students converse about the reality of intangible communication in a virtual realm. They consider the implications of image and language shared with and without consent and how to navigate this as they grow.