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Physical Education

The physical education curriculum engages students from Extended Day through Middle School and promotes learning and joy through a broad range of sports and physical activities.

Learning is focused on the development of skills and of a “yes, let’s” attitude, permitting all children to engage in activity with the full self. Students are encouraged to welcome challenges and to view effort positively. We create a supportive environment so that full effort is always appreciated, regardless of whether it produced success on the scoreboard.

As students enter Junior Level, competitive activities are introduced to complement cooperative games. In this manner, seven-year-olds expand their identification from self to team, experience the freedom and joy of identifying with a larger entity. Children learn that a competitive format gives a structure and focus to direct one’s total energy. At the same time, they become more skillful at letting go of the results, of winning and losing with grace.

Our bodies give us much joy — it does not get much better than playing Capture the Flag on an April afternoon with friends. We strive to teach the subtle aspects of sportsperson-ship, positive self-talk, and focused attention without diminishing the child’s innate joy.