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Language & Literature

English language and literature study develops an essential skill in the EACMSI student- to be an excellent receiver and transmitter of information. We anchor language study in Montessori pedagogy; the prepared environment and explicit lessons in spoken language, phonemic awareness, writing, and reading.

EACMSI students become effective and engaging communicators. Students learn strategies of oral, written, visual, and digital communication as tools of self expression.

Our programs expose students to imaginative pieces of literature that explore differences and commonalities in the human experience. Through receiving thoughtfully chosen works of prose, poetry, and drama, EACMSI students traverse the globe and peek over the walls that separate people in our constructed cultures.

Students are taught reading comprehension strategies that keep critical thinking and media literacy integral to a thorough reading of literature. Strategies are developmentally appropriate, and students practice them using nonfiction and fiction texts, in multiple contexts over many years.

EACMSI teachers contextualize literature without “reading” the text for our students; careful not to own interpretations of texts and stories. Great literature allows for multiple perspectives and understandings and EACMSI students learn to seek many truths through dialogue and discourse with their peers.

Open discourse requires many rich oral language experiences and a prepared environment. EACMSI students are offered an organized and accessible environment that meets their developmental needs. This recognizes the documented connection between logical thought and expression, neural pathway construction, and the student’s opportunities to concretely experience the world, exercise their will, and express their thoughts with clarity.

Lessons in sentence structure, vocabulary, word study, and grammar allow EACMSI students to reach the highest levels of Bloom’s taxonomy: synthesizing multiple texts and perspectives to create and communicate a personalized idea. Ample opportunities for public speaking and practice with articulation are balanced with those for written expression. Ultimately, EACMSI students use their literacy to create a more just society.

“The development of language is part of the development of the personality, words are the natural means for expressing thoughts and establishing understanding between people.”  – Dr. Montessori