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The overriding goal of the EACMSI Music Program is to create lifelong musicians.

The journey begins on day one as each student is considered to be a musician before they even walk through our doors!

Our youngest students are introduced to the music shelves found in every Primary classroom, baskets filled with a variety of rhythm instruments as well as the Montessori Bells, used to grade and match different tones. Primary students also learn a repertoire of songs in many different languages.

Junior Level students begin to focus on musical expression as they learn the recorder and form a choral ensemble. Upper Level and Middle School students continue to perform in choral ensembles as part of their core curriculum.

Any student who turns 9 during the academic year is invited to join the EACMSI Instrumental Music Program involving a weekly trip to the Ithaca College Music School for a lesson with an IC music education student.

Students join the Beginning Band during the second half of the year while Instrumentalists with one year or more of experience form the Junior band and then transition to the Concert Band as they become more proficient. The Big Band is made up of willing Concert Band members and experienced bass, piano, and guitar players. The EACMSI Percussion Ensemble includes all experienced percussionists beginning at 9 years of age.