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Mission & Philosophy

At EACMSI, we educate children to create the future we envision: an engaged, interconnected, and peaceful world.

We do so by maximizing each individual’s unique potential while centering the needs of the community overall.

EACMSI students live our mission immersed in an environment that prioritizes individual accomplishment in service of the common good. Students acquire both a sense of what is possible in an ideal community and the skills necessary to work towards this ideal in their future lives.

EACMSI graduates live our mission by recognizing that there are some endeavors best realized alone while others are achieved most successfully in collaboration with others. 

Our students are experienced at both looking inward and reaching outward depending on the project at hand. They know how to work toward an objective, how to persist when faced with a setback, and how to relate to others in meaningful ways. They also have a solid understanding of their gifts and challenges. They can identify situations when they should lead, as well as occasions when they should follow.

Our concomitant expectations of academic excellence and responsible citizenship provide the building blocks for a purposeful, responsible, and fulfilling life.


Everyone gets what they need versus everyone getting the same…


Relationships and structures that prioritize respect and dignity for all…


Adeptly negotiated conflict as a central and healthy component of effective and purposeful human connection…